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Welcome to Schilling Limousin
    Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit our website! We at Schilling Limousin have been actively involved in the Limousin breed for over 30 years. We continue to improve our genetic base every year with a very extensive Embryo transfer program so that we can offer the best cattle to our customers. Our cattle are champions on the national level and we will continue to strive to create a product that can win on the tan bark, but more importantly go out and do their job in the pasture. 

We work together as a family and have made it our goal to create Limousin cattle that work in the mainstream market. We like our cattle moderate framed, easy fleshing, sound structured, and gentle in their disposition. We use EPD’s as a GUIDELINE but realize that the most important number is ACTUAL performance. At Schilling Limousin, you won’t find many trait leaders, but what you will find are functional cattle that will get the job done in our tough northwest Kansas conditions. You won’t see us chasing certain EPD’s to make the paper look good, but what you will see is a dedication to making the next generation better than the one before.  We are confident that if they can get the job done here then they will be able to get the job done anywhere!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or better yet, if you are driving along Interstate 70 swing by for a visit! We are just 7 miles off the nearest exit!

Ron, Marsha, Cash, Amanda, Kaelyn, and Clay Schilling
Thank you for your interest in Schilling Limousin's! If you have any questions about our cattle feel free to give us a call anytime at 785-694-4589!
Schilling Limousin: 6885 Raod 32 • Edson, Kansas 67733
Ron Schilling: Home: 785-694-2731 • Cell: 785-694-3589
Cash Schilling: Home: 785-694-2806 • Cell: 785-694-3586
Clay Schilling: Cell: 785-694-4589
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